Apr 26, 2010

Sunday and Monday

 Sunday morning I felt like I have really bad hangover, but luckily it past fast. Day went as usually with some gymnastics and lecture. Had time just to do nothing. Around five we went for little walk with A. After that I started to feel really bad and nausea.  So I got some tea and honey too.

 Monday (today) morning I felt really good and now everybody got some lemon water too. From 11 we all had tea. Now a little nap and later maybe to spa for swimming. 

Believe or not I don't feel hungry and this morning I have lost all together 3,9 kg, what is all ready more than I was expecting.

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  1. Traagiline.

    Kõhnad naisterahvad on...hkm...koledad. Küsige ükskõik kelle käest.