Sep 24, 2010

design night

Today don't miss design night !

City is full of life and gallery's and culture centers are opened until 22.oo

Look for more information from facebook or design maps.

A-galerii is opened until 22.oo too and Katrin Veegen will make acquainted for her exhibition "IMELINE KAOS"

"├Ľnnelikud inimesed" "Happy people" is one one of my favorites too and Tanel Veenere will make lecture in IIDA gallery at 18.oo and 20.oo

Sep 13, 2010

New life

  It feels good to be back at school and my new class is just ├╝ber alles! 
Thank you for that Anne, Rainer and Nele!
Next posting's will be about my first 2 weeks like most my posting in future :)