Nov 17, 2010


OTSE! exhibition opening next monday.

OTSE! avab näituse Ebatuba

22.11.2010. kell 19:00 avatakse galeriis MÄRZ (Olevimägi 7) kunstirühmituse OTSE! näitus Ebatuba. Näitus on avatud 22.11.2010 – 01.12.2010 kell 13:00 – 19:00.

Kohapeal valutab alati üks kunstnikest, kes joob kohvi ja pakub sullegi.
OTSE! on kolmest noorest kunstnikust (Nils Hint, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav, Annika Kedelauk) koosnev rühmitus, mis taotleb ilu ja vähem muretsemist. Rühmitus on väljaksvanud Eesti Kunstiakadeemia Ehte- ja sepakunsti kateedrist.
Ebatuba on ühenduse esimene ühisnäitus/installatsioon.


Nov 14, 2010

Sep 24, 2010

design night

Today don't miss design night !

City is full of life and gallery's and culture centers are opened until 22.oo

Look for more information from facebook or design maps.

A-galerii is opened until 22.oo too and Katrin Veegen will make acquainted for her exhibition "IMELINE KAOS"

"Õnnelikud inimesed" "Happy people" is one one of my favorites too and Tanel Veenere will make lecture in IIDA gallery at 18.oo and 20.oo

Sep 13, 2010

New life

  It feels good to be back at school and my new class is just über alles! 
Thank you for that Anne, Rainer and Nele!
Next posting's will be about my first 2 weeks like most my posting in future :)

Aug 15, 2010

put the summer in the bottle

This is really simple way to make your own snaps. 
All you need is vodka, sugar and berry's.
All sorts are good, the more the merrier. 
I used blueberry's and black currant for now, 
but will add more later. Storage in dark, I use my wardrobe. 
After 2 weeks you can start to enjoy. 
Now and then add vodka, sugar and more berry's. 

Freelance success, my comments

 I have to say am very optimistic about life, some say it's because am young. 
I have noticed that all you need to do is; 
dream big, do your best and life gives you what you need.  

My big plan

In 1 year my own atelier
- some months ago I had this as my 10 year plan, 
but working at home is not for me. 

In 5 years become tutor / teacher
- I had change to do it in Germany some years ago and it was great!

Learn something new

- Just started to learn it, because am quite hopeless when it comes to computers. 
Wonderful Grete 'Stich' Laus and Ott Evestus, 
who also made my homepage,  are walking me thru it.

- I didn't believe I had change to do it so soon, but am extremely happy I can. 
Can't wait to start. Im sure it will be very inspiring. 

Good luck all to you and keep doing what you love.

Aug 7, 2010

Freelance success

This month Computer Arts had 89 tips to solo success. Here my favorites:

Starting out

1. Be optimistic
It's very easy to be put off by detractors or people whose work you think is better than yours.
Don't let that dissuade you. If you're sure you have the ability
and you've weighed up the pros and cons, just do it!
2. Plan your career
Don't just 'go freelance'. Ask yourself why you want to be self-employed.
Set yourself some goals. Think about where you'd like to be in a year,
in two or five years, and work towards it.
 It will help to prevent you from drifting into dead ends.
3. Dear to be different
There are plenty of self-employed designers around, so why should a client choose you?
You should have skills and a creative vision unique to you.
4. Free your mind
The more you know, the better off you'll be. Learn a little about disciplines other than yours:
if you're designer, learn code, or find out about Flash if you're usually an illustrator.
It will help you to collaborate better, and will free up your imagination.
5. Let friends help
Hopefully in your working life you've managed to cultivate some professional friends.
They can help you find work; sometimes they even become clients or contractors.
At other times, you can offer to collaborate on projects, using complementary skills.


1. Think long game
Have patience with self-promotion. You might not get your return next week,
but you'll be investing time in forging relationships.
A student you meet today might be a client in five years'time.
2. Have a website
Domain names are cheap, while there are plenty of good hosting solutions available in the UK.
You can learn HTML/CSS yourself, or do a quid pro quo skills exchange
 with a friend who already had the skills. Otherwise, consider WordPress.
3. Go forth with stationery
Great business cards are a must; they're how people remember you,
and as a creative professional there's no excuses for a shabby one.
But consider postcard's, even compliments slips, for times when snail mail trumps email.
There are plenty of online services for these.
4. Party!
There's always a launch for something on the horizon. Find out what's going on,
grab some cards and head over. And, when you get there,
don't be bashful about talking to people. They could become friends, clients or even both.
5. Become an instructor
There's more to self-promotion than online social media.
Get in touch with your old course leader, a local college or an adult education centre
 and offer them some of your time. It raises your profile,
gives you something to blog about and is 'the right thing' to do.
6. Justify portfolio entries and bye-bye the weakest link
Ask yourself whether new portfolio additions say something different to your earlier pieces;
don't just fill your portfolio with everything. Your portfolio is only as good as its weakest item,
so don't include any filler. In the client's mind, not only are you capable of producing a howler,
but you're also showcasing it.

Work flow / Time management

1. You're your own boss
If one of you employees tooled around all day watching TV, phoning friends
and updating Facebook, you'd sack them. Well, that's you now.
Be strict, and tell people you're working, not just 'at home'.
2. Set a schedule
Make sure you know how you're going to approach each day and how it relates to
what you have to do, particularly if you've got multiple projects on the go.
Create a spreadsheet to keep track of productivity.
3. Don't just sit there
You need to keep moving around, not just because exercise is good for you,
but seeing flowers, snow outside and even rain
will change your creative perspective and keep you inspired.
4. Buy a beast
If you are home alone a lot, having a pet that needs feeding and/or walking
can force you to structure your day. They also keep you company
without forcing you into never-ending conversation.
5. Respond to clients quickly
Return your emails and phone calls as quickly as possible.
It keeps you from being distracted when you're doing your creative work,
or interrupted by clients chasing you.

Jul 31, 2010

Piggy in the planket

Something to cheer up my sister, who is sick and needs to stay at home.

Jul 24, 2010


Miss having a bathtub. Maybe I need to get a mini version?

Jul 23, 2010

I will be a student again!

Reading A Book, originally uploaded by Robby Virus.

As you may have suspected: Master's studies for Jewellery Art :D
Looking fovard to the school to start. It is funny feeling, becose I trow I dont have this opportunity for long time. And I do feel instantly younger (not that am that old).
But you can read about all the intresting school things when they come along...

And soon some pictures from my holiday in Germany...

Jul 10, 2010

Wonderful summer!!!!!

So good to start my holiday by knowing that I got accepted to master studies :) Monday I will leave to Frankfurt to enjoy one whole week with boys. So you will soon get pictures from Frankfurt zoo and flower festival.

Enjoy the heatwave!

Jul 6, 2010


Rain, originally uploaded by Helen Olney.

For a short moment we got rain today! Pitty that I was at work, I woul love to just jump in and get all silly.

Jun 26, 2010

Harel Skaat - Je Suis Malade

Another cute song from Harel. Am a fan!
Is it his voice or that he reminds me Meine Hare? Saves my day either way :)

grr... I need some inspiration! For last week I have tried to write something about pearl what fits to Dr. Caligari movie, but it all sounds so lame. Am so close to finish up everything I need to do for my application for master studies... And nothing, nix, ei yhtikäs mitään!
I hope I will have inspiring day tomorrow, when I will be helping O and G to print shirts.
I hate this so close and still so far away thing...

Jun 25, 2010

I have some problems with my blogs layout. It drives me crazy that it does not work how it used to. So that's why it looks little messy. Hope to fix it soon.

Jun 22, 2010


Last week I had day trip to Helsinki with E. We went to zoo and afterwords had lunch in small Thai buffet.

Jun 19, 2010

Freyja is a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death. And rides a chariot driven by two cats.

Jun 9, 2010

Merle Oberon was just wonderful as George in A song to remember. Whole movie was really good old school Hollywood. Would love to see this movie once more and something more from her too!

Maybe I post something about her later this week :)


UK 1991 / 107 min
Dir: James Lapine, cast: Hugh Grant (Chopin), Judy Davis, Julian Sands

Novelist George Sand (Judy Davis) falls in love with composer Frederic Chopin (Hugh Grant). She tries to profess her love for him at a weekend hosted by a pretentious, artistically minded duchess for famous musicians, artists, and writers of the day. The gentle and sickly Chopin is wary of the outspoken Sand, but finds himself strangely drawn to her, as well.

Jun 8, 2010



USA 1944 / 113 min

Dir: Charles Vidor, cast: Cornel Wilde (Chopin), Paul Muni, Merle Oberon

Plot (from a story by Ernst Marischka) introduces Chopin as a prodigy at 11, with Paul Muni playing the old music master who easily recognizes his genius. When 22, the student and teacher flee to Paris after Chopin refuses to perform for the Russian governor. Young Franz Liszt befriends the newcomer and is directly responsible in getting him recognition.

Cornel Wilde career took off after he played Chopin in this movie (1944), for which he received a Best Actor Oscar nomination. So, looking promising.

Czeslaw Wollejko, as Chopin from yesterday, did good job. The movie itself would been better without the unnatural policy, what could been so easily cut out.

Jun 7, 2010



This I have been waiting for all year! I love those mini film festivals! Usually they are connected to Germany like last year theme was "after war, before wall" and before that movies made by Ernst Lubitsch. This year it is about Chopin, but selection is still very interesting for me.

Poland 1952 / 121 min

This Polish-made biofilm of composer Frederic Chopin (Czeslaw Wollejko) centers on the life of the young artist in 1825-31, as he becomes caught up in the nation's rising tide of revolutionary spirit.
Katariina Church at Vene street is just right place were to show old movies, don't you think?

Jun 2, 2010

exhibtions to see

Until 21.06 Kaire Rannik has lovely exhibition " Inonotus obliquus" in safe room in A-Galerii. Clever way to exhibit her jewellery. Here two of my favorites, witch one were your favorites?

And in Müürivahe 33 five blacksmith boys are exhibiting their work until 30.06. Sorry for bad photo, looks better in real life :)

May 31, 2010

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) - Full Movie

I wanted to share with you my favorite movie Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari. I think it may been 1995 when I saw it first time and recorded it. I have stop counting how many times I have watched it, but one of my favorite times was in Tallinn, in one courtyard in Old Town and with live music. This one I find from YouTube has quite bad soundtrack and that's why its not my favorite version. But I found one short clip with better music and what gives the idea of the move quite well.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari short clip

May 29, 2010

Eurovision mania

I do like to watch Eurovision song contest, I think I do it every year. I like to watch it alone so there is no distractions. This year I have clear favor. From the first time I heard this it just crawled in to my soul. For me this is just so mutch more than Eurosong. I love that he sings in his motherlanguege, but words are so so sooo good if you read them!

Harel Skaat, Milim (Words)

Once again the sadness is here

again fear has risen

and the end is at my window

cracked glass, silence again and

exhausted and cast aside

in my mind

the light fell asleep,

tears of blood

burning my throats

cratched handle ,

fallen ceiling

when singing to you the last song

you left me only words

Refuge in the shadows

arranged books

and in between the rooms

you left me only word

sand a bouquet of locks

god, you left me only words

the walls are silent now

and what did you take

when you ran away

yes, what did you take

you might have won this war

what is left when you are gone?

you left me only words

Refuge between the shadows

arranged books

and in between the rooms

you left me only words

locks bouquet

god, you left me only words

to the ice is also cold

When I remember

how today you are in front of him

Lightning in his shadow

Breaking for him

the words you left me

You are telling him

ps. He has homepage whats just my taste!

Daytrip to Tartu

Thursday I had quick trip to Tartu, my hometown, to see my mother and sister. Visited botanical garden what is one of my favorite places and its getting more beautiful by every year. This time they surprised me with new peony garden! (not at photo) I totally recommend you to visit this place if you go to Tartu! Its right at center of the town and its for free!

I visited at Y-Galerii exhibition by Timo Toots too. It was very interesting. Timo has great idea to make exhibition of something that interests everybody! And that's you! Just have your ID with you and you can see exhibition of yourself! People in Tallinn, don't worry, 10 of June his exhibition will open in cellar of Hobusepea galerii too.