Oct 31, 2009

Johanna Taiger

Does it only feels for me that people are showing their talent younger and younger? She is Johanna Taiger
and I just love her photos. For more check out her account at http://thelittlepureone.deviantart.com/
I thought she has some professional photograph who has taken her photos, but she does it herself.

Her friend...

At the Beach...

Oct 28, 2009

Tanel Veenre

Last Friday I was at exhibition opening of Tanel Veenre and it was good (what is no surprise, because hi is Tanel Veenre) so am going again tomorrow to enjoy it all in peace. And everybody who have change to get his book EHE JEWEL grab your copy!

Have exhibition opening in Tartu at 23.11 and I don't have invitations yet! maybe this is the first time I disain them myself...

Oct 26, 2009


And this coat is just so elegant.

This is from 1930 December "Eesti Naine". How to make your own stylish and comfortable hat.
Doesn't need so much work ,but looks very nice. Maybe I even make myself one like that :)

Oct 23, 2009

My homepage is ready!

About this moment I have been dreaming for 8 years :) Thanks to Grete Laus and Ott Evestus my dream came true! They made 6 videos for "Aeg Armastada" for Birgitta festival 2009 and I just fall in love in them! I said just make the video as my homepage :) Well, they came up with great ideas and knew what I want even before I did myself.

Oct 19, 2009

My homepage will be soon ready.......
can't wait!

Oct 14, 2009

Frau Dietel

This is one of the 5 windows (and my favorite one) that Daniela Dietel made for A-galerii Christmas decoration 2005. Windows were painted white and then different themes were scratched on. We kept it up for months and it was pity to wash it down.

I met Daniela at 2005, when she came to Tallinn to study. And she is something totally different. Tall, happy, free, brave, not afraid to be herself. Here is photo from Danielas home from her Flickr account. I have to say, seeing her home totally changed my understanding of home. The thing is, she only keeps things that are important for her in that moment (if it doesn't matter in 2 months she will give it away or sell it) and she wants to display her treasures, so that she could see them all the time. That way her flat reflected for me her personality. I could feel that things were important, not just forgotten there. It inspired me to change my home.

Brooches from Daniela Dietel. She loves to draw her ideas and for me her jewellery is like part of a fairy tale, they illustrate some greater story.
As she is kind of Superwomen and nothing is impossible ;) she opened her own gallery Frau Dietel in Berlin! More of her shop, jewellery and Daniela you can read on her blog.
It is German/English what makes it specially sweet because I can practise my German too.

Oct 13, 2009

Rob Ryan

I found link to Rob Ryan Blog from Daniela blog (I will tell you more about Daniela soon)
and just fall in love. Robs work is so sweet and lovely and does remind me of something I saw when I was a child.

more food

Yesterday was so windy and rainy and I did even managed to broke my umbrella in strong wind. But its OK, to remind me of summer I had figs and gout cheese. And then Ginger jam to keep all the sun inside :)

Oct 10, 2009


As am going to spend my Christmas in Bad Nauheim, Germany, I did some checking in Internet about the city. And Da-daa! Bad Nauheim is also known as Elvis Presleys German home! That's because he began his military service in Germany on October 1st, just right there and lived with his father and grandmother (she did all the cooking) in town 1958-1960. Since 2002 they have in August "European Elvis festival".

Here is one of his LP covers, Elvis standing the bridge over the river Usa. He had his own studio where were hits like "It's Now or Never" were recorded. And in Cafe Bienenkorb you can enjoy the Elvis chocolate cake that was served in his 25th birthday.

So much more than just spa city...

Oct 3, 2009

My Master

Makes great jewellery! Same brooch from front and back. I love his brooch mechanisms.

We met in 2005 when he was my master. We like to travel together and have same passion for jewellery. Even we do have different style we can discuss about ideas and help each other to make better jewellery. This November we will have our first exhibition together in Tartu, Y-galerii.

Oct 1, 2009


Chestnuts... great part of autumn. Cant wait until they are ready and fall down. I carry some of them in my pocket all the time. Makes me feel again like little girl.