Jul 31, 2010

Piggy in the planket

Something to cheer up my sister, who is sick and needs to stay at home.

Jul 24, 2010


Miss having a bathtub. Maybe I need to get a mini version?

Jul 23, 2010

I will be a student again!

Reading A Book, originally uploaded by Robby Virus.

As you may have suspected: Master's studies for Jewellery Art :D
Looking fovard to the school to start. It is funny feeling, becose I trow I dont have this opportunity for long time. And I do feel instantly younger (not that am that old).
But you can read about all the intresting school things when they come along...

And soon some pictures from my holiday in Germany...

Jul 10, 2010

Wonderful summer!!!!!

So good to start my holiday by knowing that I got accepted to master studies :) Monday I will leave to Frankfurt to enjoy one whole week with boys. So you will soon get pictures from Frankfurt zoo and flower festival.

Enjoy the heatwave!

Jul 6, 2010


Rain, originally uploaded by Helen Olney.

For a short moment we got rain today! Pitty that I was at work, I woul love to just jump in and get all silly.