Nov 25, 2009


Monday was the opening and we got everything ready in good time, thanks to my sister Nodzu who helped us with everything and my Mother who did lots of good food for the guests! Here the official part with Kaisa who runs the Y Galerii.

I was so happy to see my old friends Kristi, who I know from kindergarten and skater Janar :)

Of course my family was there too and I also met some really nice new people. The party continued until 4 am and I cant remember when I had have so much leaf last time. Some part in that was also in my sister, because when we meet you can really see the fusion of the twins!

Nov 20, 2009

Last things

Today Master is printing out some pictures for the exhibition and on the evening we need to pack everything. Tomorrow after my work we start to drive to Tartu. Am so gratefully for Evelin who is going there too and we all go with her car. It will be like road trip :)
Sunday we will hang the exhibition up to Y Galerii and I hope that one day is enough. But my sweet sister promised to help too :)

Nov 17, 2009

Today is the last day when I can really concentrate on my work for the exhibition in atelier. Because tomorrow my Master is arriving to Estonia and then we concentrate more on how we will exhibit the jewellery. But first my day job in gallery and then long night working. Don't worry, am on schedule.
And my business cards arrived yesterday from MOO :)

Nov 16, 2009


Sunday was great. As I am mentioned before, I have soon exhibition in Tartu (with my Master :) And until yesterday I had troubles to get exited of it.
Thing was that I wanted to make my solo exhibition this year, and by faith it came true and I had it in HOP gallery as Nulius in verba. I was really happy with it and everything was great!... but my original plan, that I only make some new work and use the same ideas in Y Galerii didn't made me excited. I know its normal to use the same work at some time.... but I felt like am letting people down, by not showing them new things.
And yesterday I found that sparkle again! I started to work with amber what has been waiting for its turn for whole year. My plan now is to present half of the really good things from Nulius in verba and make as many new things as I can.
Now I have this good "before exhibition" stress. And am really looking forward what food my mother will make, because she is taking care of the catering :)

Nov 11, 2009

todays Birthday bunny

Congratulations Vaida Suits! Vaida is one of the sweetest artist who I know and I have spend many Saturdays working with her in the A-Galerii. She always brings pancakes for us :)
I admire her old school skills to make jewellery. Even she is now 78 her work is still accurate and when am struggling with technique its good to know that I can always turn to her.
If you want to know more of her go --}
As she is one of the Classics in Estonian jewellery you can see her work in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, but Vaida herself finds that the best jewellery she has made is "the Storks" she made in 70s. It belongs to her private collection and is showed to public in exhibitions.

Nov 10, 2009

Weekend was great and the photo shooting for Evestus new album "This Is Dramacore" was such of fun! We had good old music playing and on TV rolling Betty Boop cartoons. Grete had really crazy ideas for costumes and we all give the best out of us to make her happy!
While we all are waiting for the new album from Evestus (coming out around February 2010) for more information and photos visit --}

( Styling and photography by Grete "Stitch" Laus )

Nov 9, 2009


... Georg Gurjev is singer (bariton) and part of many bands like Evestus and Horricane. But am fan of him because hi is singing in Theater Estonia and am more in to classical music. On the photo Georg as Don Cassandro (from Mozarts "La finta semplice").

Hi has grown up with music. His father Rostislav Gurjev and grandfather Viktor Gurjev were tenors and friends with famous singers like Georg Ots. I can just image how much of music and singing were happening in his home!
Georg will finish his master studies next spring with master's thesis about breathing. Of coarse it is about singing, but am big fan of breathing :) I think you need for living: Love, Art and Air + some money to pay the bills ;)
Am looking very much forward the graduating show "The Old Maid and the Thief" in Ganuti Gildi Saal. Hi will have a leading role as Bob and great future in music world. so am having my eyes on you Georg...

Nov 7, 2009

magical weekend

This weekend will become magical, because my sister is coming to Tallinn. We are twins, but not some creepy ones who doesn't have any other life than just trying to look similar by wearing similar clothes and hair. That's creepy when you are more than 10 years old! We do get along great even we don't see eachother so often, but we call almost every day. People still do mix us up, but mostly because they don't know that there is two of us. When we meet we say that the two sides of one brain has got together again. My sister is working as an assistant, but also contributing in different shows in Theater Vanemuine and studing in Vanemuise Dance- and Balletschool . On the photo she and I are fooling around with costumes from Lotte. My grandmother was working in Theater Vanemuine too and we used to run around there and trying out the costumes all the time when we were little. Its nice that we can be part of all that again :) For this weekend we will do photo shooting for Evestus and am sure it will be great fun!

Nov 6, 2009


Winter is here and lots of snow in Tallinn and best thing in that is, that I can wear my Triinu Pungits coat again! Its so warm and also looks lovely.
(but this picture is made in Kautokeino, Norway and it was like -30'c)

When I walked home all the city was covered in white and everybody was like little children running around and having snow fight. And the cherry on the top was new exhibition in Iida gallery. Its jewellery for men and Maria Valdma's work cached my eye immediately. It looked like pocket watch and was made out wood, silver and niello. Old times, when man still did wear pocket watch those who could not afford to have one, just had chain and in the pocket they had onion.

My Fair Lady

Wednesday I enjoyed My Fair Lady in Estonia Theater with Evelin and as expected it was lots of fun, because I am such a big fan of it. Its almost 20 years when I saw it live and that was in Vanemuine Theater. Every time I learn something new and this time I actually got it, why it is so bad idea to marry Freddy!

Raivo E. Tamm was Higgins and I liked him very much! And everybody did very good job, but I want to thank specially Georg and Rostislav Gurjev who really did stand out for me :) Its pity that I didn't found any pictures of them in the show from net :( If somebody have some, maybe you could send me...

Later we went to Clazz for drinks and all this together was so so so fun evening!

Nov 2, 2009

Me, Katarina Kotselainen is now member of Estonian Artists' Association!
and Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques!
(International Association of Art UNESCO) so my Professional Identity Card says am JEWELERY ARTIST and I feel like am now under the protection of UNESCO :)
ps. for more photos by Mika of me from Flickr