Apr 14, 2010

Spring is here!

And now we can start to wear big and crazy rings again with out worrying how to fit glows on. Some of my favorites from Carrotbox blog.

Cupcakes rings, hmm... ring and dinner in same! One day when I have my own jewellery cafe this will be in menu!

The idea is not new and I was in one jewellery cafe in Potsdam, witch was not so excellent, but I heard there is one really good one in some were else in Germany. But I think the concept is brilliant! Its always nice to have cup of cafe and something next to it or just have your lunch middle of gorgeous jewellery! J could bake fresh cake every morning and make soup of a day, and I could try to make carrot pie or fruit salad ( nothing complicated, please:)

These look eatable too!

This I would wear as a hat!

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