Dec 30, 2009

Happy New Year!!!


Am so happy! and lucky! I lost my luggage on my way back from Germany and I have tried every way to track it down for last days! And I just heard its found and on the way back to me :)

Dec 24, 2009

PS. if Santa is not coming to you this year, it could be because we will have reindeer for dinner...

Bad Nauheim


 Was visiting Frankfurt for Monday and Tuesday with Master. I have not been there for four years and it was so great to be back. Going to all the bookshops and visiting one special sushi place. And of coarse eating the curry wurst!
 Photos from Clausen & Diehl Schmuckgestaltung in Frankfurt, Grempstrasse 29. Lady at left is Susanne, Masters sister, one of the owners. She and Gabriele have had this jewellery gallery for 16 years now and its full of nice jewellery, but if you cant find the right one ready, Susanne can make one specially for you :)

curry wurst mitt pommies

Dec 21, 2009

traveling to Germany

Weather was not so good, so i did not made so many photos of my trip to Germany, but here one shiny moment. Hope to get soon more holiday photos up :)

Anneli Tammik

New jewellery by Anneli Tammik on her recent exhibition "Linear" at Hop Galerii. Its different from what she has made before, but it still is her style. I could just stand in front of these for hours and try to figure out how its made.

Dec 19, 2009

+ soon pictures from Anneli Tammik's new exhibition "Linear" in Hop Galerii.

A-Galerii xmas party

Me, Virve and Anu Marie + rest of the artist.
Had good food, drinks and company :) And the best seif exhibition in 2009 was Maria Valdma "Tolm".

Dec 15, 2009

weekend in Tartu

Had just great weekend in Tartu! I went there to take down the CON/FUSION exhibition, but managed to do lot more.
Saturday were at birthday party at club of MC Põletajad, Sunday helped my sister to finish up dresses for ballet school, take down the exhibition in ONE hour (my personal record!!), visited all grandparents, watched Nutcracker in Vanemuine theater and went to Colin's home party!
Colin was such a great host and hi was dancing great in Nutcracker too! Its the new version of the classic and I really loved it! Would love to see it again!!

ps: my obsession is to peel pomelo's, oranges and grapefruits!

Dec 12, 2009

Eesti Moepiibel 2010

Bible of Estonian fashion designers is out now! And contacts of the designers, if you would like to get something custom made just for you. Trust me, its so worth it! My favorite one last years has been Triinu Pungits and I never fade in with her design.
Above:photos of Hanna Korsar and Maru from the book.

Dec 9, 2009

These cute earrings I got for Christmas. Not from Saint Nicolas, but from Nicolas Estrada. Very nice person! We met when I had Twilight exhibition in Barcelona in FAD 2006. Nico is very warm and open. His really hard working and also knows how to market his work. Every morning hi starts with gym and then works 8 hours in atelier. That is quite rare in jewellery world. Above is picture from his exhibition opening in A-galerii. Nicolas is the one in middle with a hat, am next from him and rest is the Šaulys family. For more pictures click on the photo and visit his homepage:

Dec 7, 2009

And dont forget to slow down

As we say in Estonia, The work is not a rabbit, it does not run away from you!
It may be hard, but its important to enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy.

Am 5 days in week active and one day totally lazy. I used to always have migraine on my free days and it took years to figure out, that am making it myself by planning too much and then not managing all of it. Now I say to myself its OK to do nothing on Sunday, if I don't feel like it. Yesterday I made France toast for breakfast and then just read a book all day. (Of coarse I do live alone and I enjoy the luxury of it.)
My favorite tips from Slow Down Now homepage:
1.Drink a cup of tea, put your feet up and stare idle out of the window.
-That's what I did the whole first day,when I moved to my current flat.
2.Spend more time in the bathtub.
- Sadly my current flat doesn't have bathtub, but my last one did
and I never used the shower.
3.Avoid too much seriousness. Laugh, because you're live on earth
for a limited time only.
- Don't take life too seriously, you don't survive it anyway!
4.Practice doing nothing.
-And don't feel guilty about it!
for more: click on the photo and visit
Sure sing its christmas time looking A-galerii window decorations. This year made by Maarja Niinemägi and I like it because you can really see it is her style. Cheerful and something different that majority of shops. But I always like the windows of Trend, Iida and Ivo Nikkolo and that all year around :)
Christmas tree and market on Raekojaplats.

Ice-skating field on Harju street. Its really fun.

Dec 5, 2009

Today I got a brooch/pendant ready for Eeva.
Its a picture of her grandmother. She can
wear it as brooch or necklace with pearl string.
I hope I get soon better picture of it, but am
very happy how it turned out.

Dec 2, 2009

I did mentioned that am spending my Christmas in Germany...
Now its the last time to start to learn German. We try now only to speak in German with Master, but because of my limited skills I have to say we are quite quiet...

And I want to shear with you the first blog I started to follow: what is about rings. Good place if you have some time to kill :)

Dec 1, 2009

If you like jewellery, then definitely go and read blog from Ketli Tiitsar.
I almost missed the exhibition of Kristiina Laurits in HOP, but thanks to Ketli I remembered to go there today, which was the last opening day. Lovely.
Am happy that blogging has become popular, so now you can catch the news when you have time :)

And am happy its soon Christmas :) Well like 3 weeks, but all the waiting is good too. Even I have been eating ginger cookies for 2 weeks already. Maybe I even decorate my home next week... yeah, the Xmas spirit is raising its head.