Nov 16, 2009


Sunday was great. As I am mentioned before, I have soon exhibition in Tartu (with my Master :) And until yesterday I had troubles to get exited of it.
Thing was that I wanted to make my solo exhibition this year, and by faith it came true and I had it in HOP gallery as Nulius in verba. I was really happy with it and everything was great!... but my original plan, that I only make some new work and use the same ideas in Y Galerii didn't made me excited. I know its normal to use the same work at some time.... but I felt like am letting people down, by not showing them new things.
And yesterday I found that sparkle again! I started to work with amber what has been waiting for its turn for whole year. My plan now is to present half of the really good things from Nulius in verba and make as many new things as I can.
Now I have this good "before exhibition" stress. And am really looking forward what food my mother will make, because she is taking care of the catering :)


  1. Hei!Väga armas näitus oli.Sygavad ja huvitavad ehted.Mul on hea meel,et viitsisin kohale tulla.
    Aitähh elamuse eest.

  2. Nii südant soendav :) tore et tasus vaeva ära :)