Nov 7, 2009

magical weekend

This weekend will become magical, because my sister is coming to Tallinn. We are twins, but not some creepy ones who doesn't have any other life than just trying to look similar by wearing similar clothes and hair. That's creepy when you are more than 10 years old! We do get along great even we don't see eachother so often, but we call almost every day. People still do mix us up, but mostly because they don't know that there is two of us. When we meet we say that the two sides of one brain has got together again. My sister is working as an assistant, but also contributing in different shows in Theater Vanemuine and studing in Vanemuise Dance- and Balletschool . On the photo she and I are fooling around with costumes from Lotte. My grandmother was working in Theater Vanemuine too and we used to run around there and trying out the costumes all the time when we were little. Its nice that we can be part of all that again :) For this weekend we will do photo shooting for Evestus and am sure it will be great fun!