Aug 15, 2010

Freelance success, my comments

 I have to say am very optimistic about life, some say it's because am young. 
I have noticed that all you need to do is; 
dream big, do your best and life gives you what you need.  

My big plan

In 1 year my own atelier
- some months ago I had this as my 10 year plan, 
but working at home is not for me. 

In 5 years become tutor / teacher
- I had change to do it in Germany some years ago and it was great!

Learn something new

- Just started to learn it, because am quite hopeless when it comes to computers. 
Wonderful Grete 'Stich' Laus and Ott Evestus, 
who also made my homepage,  are walking me thru it.

- I didn't believe I had change to do it so soon, but am extremely happy I can. 
Can't wait to start. Im sure it will be very inspiring. 

Good luck all to you and keep doing what you love.

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