May 24, 2010

Old Gold

Some Old Gold, me at 2006 on my graduating after party at Chocolaterie de Pierre at Vene Street. Dress is (as usually) by Triinu Pungits.

This morning I saw poster "What did you do 5 years ago?" And 2005 was very special and break-through for me. Its when I practically bring to an end my study at Estonian Academy of Art ( final touch was 2006), had my first practice, participated in my first exhibition abroad (Italy), met love of my life, started to work in A-galerii (still here :) ....

What did you do 5 years ago?


  1. Lõpetasin samuti ülikooli :)
    Nägin ka neid plakateid ja mõtlesin,et juba 5 aastat ...

  2. Kui nii edasi läheb oleme paari aasta pärast kõik muldvanad ja sureme riburadapidi ära...

    Pilt on vinge. Respekt.