Oct 14, 2009

Frau Dietel

This is one of the 5 windows (and my favorite one) that Daniela Dietel made for A-galerii Christmas decoration 2005. Windows were painted white and then different themes were scratched on. We kept it up for months and it was pity to wash it down.

I met Daniela at 2005, when she came to Tallinn to study. And she is something totally different. Tall, happy, free, brave, not afraid to be herself. Here is photo from Danielas home from her Flickr account. I have to say, seeing her home totally changed my understanding of home. The thing is, she only keeps things that are important for her in that moment (if it doesn't matter in 2 months she will give it away or sell it) and she wants to display her treasures, so that she could see them all the time. That way her flat reflected for me her personality. I could feel that things were important, not just forgotten there. It inspired me to change my home.

Brooches from Daniela Dietel. She loves to draw her ideas and for me her jewellery is like part of a fairy tale, they illustrate some greater story.
As she is kind of Superwomen and nothing is impossible ;) she opened her own gallery Frau Dietel in Berlin! More of her shop, jewellery and Daniela you can read on her blog.
It is German/English what makes it specially sweet because I can practise my German too.


  1. oh dear, katarina, you flatter me beyond everything! i´m not superwoman or any thing!!! :D
    but thanks ;)